July 2021 - Release Notes

New Features

  • Netsuite - now supports Multi-Tables Mode, for loading multiple tables simultaneously from Netsuite to your data target. Learn More
  • Email as a source - now support finding link inside the body’s paragraph.
  • New Kit - Zendesk - The Zendesk kit brings together a number of ticket centered reports to create a large dimension and metrics table. This data source captures insights to enable support and performance analytics. Learn More

New Data Targets

  • Databricks - Databricks SQL is a managed service by Databricks for processing and transforming data upon datalake. Databricks SQL is based on Databricks’ Delta Lake, an open-source solution for building, managing and processing data using Lakehouse architecture. Learn More

New Reports/Upgrades

  • Google Analytics

    • Now supports breakdown by segments. Learn More
    • A new report of Multi-Channel Funnels - providing metrics for a sequence of actions (Clicks, Referrals, Impressions and more).
  • Google Ads

    • Upgraded to the latest version (V8)
    • Supports iOS14 SKAdNetwork and additional new fields in various reports. Learn More
  • The Trade Desk - New report for Audience Information.