November 2021 - Release Notes

New Features

  • Download Logs - You can now download logs from the activities page for all your relational DBs (Redshift, Postgres, Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL etc) related Source to Target rivers. Additional data sources are coming soon.
  • PostgreSQL CDC Custom Publication and Replication - Rivery allows now the use of Custom Publication (which table the CDC process can track) and Replication (PostgreSQL logical decoding slot).

New and Updated Kits



  • - Snowflake Kit - The Group fields have been added to the Items report and Group Name has been added as an extra field in the Board recreations within Snowflake.

New Data Sources

  • Yahoo Ads - Yahoo Ads is a campaign management platform that allows measuring ad performance and effectiveness. Learn More

New Reports/Upgrades

  • Facebook Ads - changes in Custom Audience and Saved Audience reports: ‘Approximate Count’ field will be replaced with two new fields: ‘Approximate Count Lower Bound’ and ‘Approximate Count Upper Bound’.
  • Marketo
    • Marketo API is now upgraded.
  • Snapchat Ads
    • Snapchat Ads API is now upgraded. There are no breaking changes related to the retrieved data.
    • Ad Squad Stats’ report has all skad conversion metrics.
  • Hubspot - Contacts report now has an option for incremental loading
  • Google Play Store - “Store Performance” report is now available with two breakdowns: Country and Traffic Source
  • Monday - “Groups” field was added to the Items report.