August 2021 - Release Notes

New Features

  • Activity Logs - Logs are now available for download from the activity tab for the following River types: Logic, Action, and SQL server Source to Target (more sources coming soon).

  • Redshift default Rivery filezone - Amazon Redshift target connection now supports Rivery’s filezone to simplify the creation of new Redshift connections. There is no need to specify a custom filezone before your data is loaded to Redshift (similar to Snowflake target connections).

New Data Sources

  • StackAdapt - StackAdapt is the self-serve programmatic advertising platform used by the most exceptional digital marketers. Learn More

New Reports/Upgrades

  • Facebook Ads

    • New extract mode - Increment by insights on Ad level is now available in Ad Creatives report. Users can now increment creatives aligned to their insights, instead of the existing increment by Ads.
    • Facebook Ads is now updated from v9 to version 11:
      • Store visit actions field from Insights Report was deprecated
      • Agency client declaration field from Ad Accounts Report will now be available to ad account administrators. Therefore, this field will not be available if ad accounts fields are left empty. If needed, this field should be manually selected.
      • Custom/ Saved Audiences operation status - inactive audience for 90 days will be deleted by Facebook.
  • Google Analytics 4 (GA4) - GA4 is the next generation of Google Analytics. Google Analytics GA4 Standard, and GA4 Cohort reports are now supported. Learn More

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud - new Journey report

  • Klaviyo - new Campaign Recipients report