February 2021 Release Notes

BigQuery Partitioning & Clustering
Improve BigQuery performance and reduce costs by using BigQuery Partitioning and Clustering
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Logic River Improvements
We have made some UI/UX improvements to logic river. Watch

New Sources

New Reports

  • TikTok - Ads Report (New) - This report is replacing multiple TikTok reports that will be deprecated in the near future. Learn More
  • DeltaProjects - two new reports: Adserving activities, and Adserving activity purchases.


  • Salesforce Pardot - Authentication using Salesforce single sign-on (SSO)
  • Facebook Social API - Upgrade to v9.0
  • Campaign Manager 360 (Doubleclick) - Upgrade to v3.4
  • Twitter Ads - Upgrade to v9.0
  • Google Ads - Upgrade to v6.1
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