October 2021 - Release Notes

New Features

  • New Sign-up flow - introducing a new signup flow and design that simplifies the sign-up process to maximize the user experience.
  • Webhook - Webhook support custom Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)
  • Log-Based extraction mode - The log-based mode is now available for RDBMS connectors includes Mysql, Mssql and Postgres in the EU platform. This mode enables fetching any changes that occur in the tables (i.e. insert, delete, update), using the DB binary log.

New Data Sources

  • Hivestack - Ad-based location service optimized platform. Learn More
  • Outbrain - Outbrain is a native advertising platform using targeted advertising to recommend articles, slideshows, blog posts, photos or videos to a reader. Learn More
  • Content.ad - Content.Ad is a native advertising platform that matches publishers and promoted content to generate high revenue and conversion rates. Learn More
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