Unique Fields in Facebook Ads

Do you need to know how many people have viewed your posts related to a specific campaign? Then you’re in the right place. Let me introduce the unique metrics offered by Facebook. These metrics are reached, and various unique-prefixed metrics, such as unique_actions, unique_clicks, etc.

Do not get confused with the non-unique metrics such as impressions and click rate. Those metrics count the number of times your marketing object (campaigns, ads, etc.) were displayed or clicked without knowing to whom it was addressed.

The bottom line is, the way you handle and consider each metric is crucial for marketing understanding and decision making. When you want to know how many people viewed your campaign, you need to account for the fact that each person may possess several platform devices and may reach your campaign multiple times.

That is why splitting the insights you get from a Facebook river may cause duplicates and overshooting your true reach, or any Facebook unique metric’s value.

Here is a question: how many people viewed your campaign? Let’s say the scenario is that

10 people viewed your Facebook campaign, where each person viewed it through their mobile phone and their laptop once a day for 3 days.
If we run a river with a time period of a single day with a platform-device breakdown we will get:

10 (people) X 2 (devices) X 3 (days) = 60 people viewed your campaign in total.

Of course, the real answer would be just 10 people. The way we acquire this result is by doing the following in Rivery:
In addition, you can split your metrics by setting breakdowns which are found in the advanced options at the bottom:

For example, Device Platform breakdown will split your reach and impressions for each device used. Be careful not to combine the reach between platforms as each person can view your campaign, for instance, from his mobile phone, as well as, his desktop.