New Analytics Solution: Social Analytics with Looker!

What does this solution do?

This solution brings all of your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter social media performance metrics together in order to enable social performance analysis and tracking across all platforms, accounts, and posts.

The data ingestion and consolidation is done in Rivery, and the front end solution is pre-built in the form of a Looker Block.

How do I implement the solution?

Instructions on how to implement this solution can be found here.

What’s in the Looker Block?

  • Social Analytics: Overview
    • Analyze KPIs and trends for key engagement metrics across social platforms
    • Toggle between date period to track percent change in key engagement metrics
    • Compare growth between different social platforms
  • Social Analytics: Tweet Performance
    • Analyze twitter-specific engagement metrics between groups of tweets
    • Dynamically toggle tweet bucket sizes
    • Tweet performance at the post level
  • Social Analytics: All Channel Post Performance
    • One centralized view of post performance, across all channels and accounts