April 2021 - Release Notes

New Features

  • Custom Timeout - Rivery’s system timeout for river execution is 12hours (meaning, a river execution will abort after 12 hours if not completed. Custom timeout at a river level allows you to set a shorter timeout by specifying seconds/minutes/hours. This configuration is available at the “Settings & Schedule” tab of each river and is disabled by default.

  • Action River Variables in Response - Users can specify which variables to include in the data response.

  • Limit concurrency in Multi-Table Rivers - Limit the number of processes/tables running simultaneously in multiple tables S2T Rivers.

New Sources

  • PayPal - Paypal SFTP reports are now available: Settlements, Transaction Details, Case Report. Learn More

New Reports

  • Zendesk - ‘Ticket Form’ Report added.
  • Klaviyo - ‘All Members’ Report added.


  • Criteo - Criteo V1 version is going to be deprecated on June 15th, 2021. Therefore, all Criteo’s rivers should be migrated to the new Criteo Marketing API of v2021 version according to the following guidelines:

Reports changes


  • Report Campaign Performance is now renamed to Statistics.
  • Transaction report is added.
  • Categories report is not available for the new version.
  • Budget is a property of an Ad Set now (in Campaigns report).