March 2021 Release Notes

New Features

  • Kits - Private Preview - A kit is a collection of river configurations that allow for lightning-speed value across different Rivery sources and use cases. Learn More
  • SSO - Support multiple sign-in methods for users in addition to SAML SSO. Learn More
  • Rivery CLI - Private Preview - Manage, deploy, run and edit rivers inside Rivery using .yaml configuration files. Edit your SQLs, Fields, Mappings, and logic rivers configurations in your favorite IDE and connect to Git for easy management.
  • Custom Timeout - Rivery’s system timeout for river execution is 12hours (meaning, a river execution will abort after 12 hours if not completed. Custom timeout at a river level allows you to set a shorter timeout by specifying seconds/minutes/hours. This configuration is available at the “Settings & Schedule” tab of each river and is disabled by default.

New Sources

  • NetSuite RESTtlets - NetSuite RESTlets allow you to develop custom RESTful web services from your NetSuite account using SuiteScript and then call them from Rivery. Learn More
  • Bronto - Oracle Bronto provides a cloud-based commerce marketing automation platform to mid-market and enterprise organizations. Learn More
  • Active Campaign - Active Campaign provides customer experience automation, which combines email marketing, marketing automation, sales automation, and CRM categories. Learn More

New Reports

  • The TradeDesk - DMP report added.


  • Google Ads - Upgrade to v6.1
  • Pinterest - Upgrade to v3
  • JIRA On-Prem - Authentication to JIRA On-Prem.
  • Hubspot OAuth2 - Authentication to Hubspot using OAuth2.