The result type of this action is response.

Hi there,

I am newbie. So please accept my apology in advance if problem I am facing seems trivial. I am trying to read the search result of ‘Springer nature’ website and trying to save the result in snowflake. I am making following steps to make it run:

  1. Create a connection for API and save api_key
  2. Create a new river using API (Rest action)and configure it as shown below

  1. Test the connection and it seems fine as shown in the following picture:

  2. Create another river (source to target river), that save the return result into snowflake. I chose the above created river as source and in target I selected the snowflake and related database, schema, and table.

  3. When I go on the schema option, and clicked on ‘Auto mapping’ option, I threw following error:

To be honest, I am not sure how to fix the error. Any help to fix the issue would be really appreciated. Waiting for your reply.

Hello Myasir :slight_smile:

To load data into a DWH target, you’ll need to go into the Action river, click ‘Results’ and choose ‘Data’ as the results type. Then save this river.


After that, go back into your REST Source to Target river, click the Schema tab and try to Automap the river again.

Let me know if this does the trick!

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@taylor.mcgrath , Thanks it worked.