How to use GCS as a Source Workaround

Some of our target DWHs are not not currently support as source (Snowflake, BQ, Synapse, etc).
This article is aimed to provide a quick workaround by setting up a logic river and source-to-target river.

  1. Create logic step with desired query for what data to move OUT of one DWH and INTO another:

  1. In the Target section of the step, choose ‘Files Export’ and write the bucket name to output the data to, as well as the file type:

  1. Next, create a source to target river that pulls the file just outputted by the previous step with the target set as the desired destination DWH. (In this example, BQ > SF).

Source tab example:

Target tab example:

  1. Add the Source to Target to the logic river as 2nd step:

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