Rest API with Date Range Parameter

Hi All,

I have to make REST API Call through Rivery and also I want to restrict the API response data by passing Date values as a parameter in order to get only latest data every from API .Here in Rivery I am able to create a Timerange parameter but unable to map the Time parameter to API Field

Hi Sankar!

You can add a dynamic date parameter to an action river using the ‘Time Period’ option in the top right of the Action River configuration:

Once these values are saved, these will appear in your variables list:

Now, you can use these values in any part of the Action river configuration, such as in the parameters:


Next, create a Data Source to Target river with ‘REST API’ as the source. You should see a date range in the ‘Source’ tab:


If you check the ‘Until Running Day’ box, the river will set the time_range.end_date value to the current date every time the river runs, and the start_date will be set to the end_date of the previous run.

Hope this helps!