New Feature - PostgreSQL on AWS RDS/Amazon Aurora as a Target

Rivery now supports PostgreSQL on AWS RDS and Amazon Aurora as Targets!

Creating a PostgreSQL Connection in Rivery

To use PostgreSQL as a target, we’ll need to create a connection to PostgreSQL. This can be done by navigating to Connections -> New Connection on the Rivery console. From here you can select ‘Amazon RDS/Aurora for PostgreSQL’ as a Data Source:

Once this is selected, you’ll need to input your credentials for PostgreSQL. If you need to create an account for the Rivery PostgreSQL user, you can follow these steps.

Selecting your PostgreSQL Connection as a Target

This step is done in the Data Source to Target River. You’ll first need to ensure that you have a valid source. From the Target Screen, you can’t search and select ‘Amazon RDS/Aurora for PostgreSQL’

Once you’ve selected the Schema, Table, and Loading mode you can test the connection to ensure that the River is running properly.

If you need more information you can visit the Rivery Docs.