Offset start for pagination by offset

Hi, I’m trying to call and API endpoint that has a limit of 1000 results per page. The API URL looks like this:

I would like to paginate the results by offset, but I get the following error when I try to do so:
[RVR-RCT-400]: Actions - Bad request. Error message: Rest request got Error response code : 406. Response is: {“errorCode”:406,“errorText”:“Suppied Offset must be greater than 1”}.

The river works when I set the Offset start to 1, however this results in the 1st row of the dataset being excluded in the results.

Any guidance on how I can solve this would be greatly appreciated


Pagination is a crucial concept in web development, especially when dealing with large datasets. It allows users to navigate through data efficiently without overwhelming the server or the user interface. One common method of implementing pagination is using an “offset”.

I am also working on it so I use this for reference:

You can also visit this. May be this will help you in resolving your issues.