Netsuite Merge Method Not Working

I’m using the netsuite odbc connector with the Loading Mode set to Upsert - Merge and have tried Merge Method set to Merge and Delete - Insert. My cluster key is configured in the schema as well, yet rivery keeps re-creating the table in snowflake instead of upserting new records.

hi @sphan,

thanks for your post! for more information on merge methods and what happens behind the scenes, you can check our docs here.

The Delete-Insert (as well as ‘Merge’) method should both retain the original target table. If the results you are seeing in the river run logs do not match what’s in our docs (as far as commands on the DWH), you can create a support ticket by navigating to the ‘Help’ menu in the console and then clicking ‘Contact Support’.


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Appreciate the help! I’ve submitted request