iOS14.5 - Upcoming changes

Following Apple’s announcement, here are the upcoming changes we anticipate and plan.

We will keep updating the list below based on when Advertising networks add support for SKAdNetwork.

Facebook Ads - Changes (Done).

  • Recommendation - if you have any iOS14.5 campaigns then set Unified Communication Settings to Adset level (see image).

  • action_attribution_windows - Facebook will no longer support offsite web conversion metrics over the following attribution windows: 7d_view, 28d_view , and 28d_click . These windows will still remain available to access historical data — data prior to when the changes go into effect.

  • iOS14.5 attribution

    • All existing rivers will have these options turned OFF by default (set to Facebook’s default)
    • Two new options added use_account_attribution_setting (Ad Account level) and use_unified_attribution_setting (Adset level)
    • In case use_unified_attribution_setting (Adset level) is set, the default lookback window will be at the adset level.
  • New attribution_setting field

    • attribution_setting will return values only when use_unified_attribution_setting (Adset level) is true , else response will not return attribution_setting .
  • non-inline conversion metric

    • Querying across iOS 14.5 and non-iOS 14.5 campaigns will result in no data getting returned for non-inline conversion metrics (i.e. app installs, purchases).
    • Inline event metrics like impressions, link clicks, and video views, however, can still be aggregated.
    • More information from Facebook available here
  • Note: because iOS 14 campaigns rely on SKAdNetwork data and associated attribution logic, results for those campaigns can only be queried using the default or new unified attribution setting

  • 3 New fields - ios_fourteen_campaign_limits report fields will be added to account report (by April 26th).

    • ios_fourteen_campaign_limits_campaign_group_limit_details
    • ios_fourteen_campaign_limits_campaign_group_limit
    • ios_fourteen_campaign_limits_campaign_limit


  • We are planning to upgrade the API to v1.4 (Done)
    • New traffic type “SKAdNetwork” will be added


  • Auction Ads Report - We are planning to add additional metrics (Done)



  • SKAdNetwork - a new report from the Adjust KPI service (DONE)


Google Ads - Add Support for SKAdNetwork (June, 2021)


Hi Vardit,

Can you clarify how the Facebook (Insight Report) change will effect in a more macro level?
I will clarify:

  1. The motivation for the change?
  2. What are the downstream data changes on tables?
  3. How should we act to adjust the change?
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Hey Atera,

  1. Apple has implemented a new approach to campaign measurement where access to data at the user level is no longer available for iOS users. The new Apple approach introduces SKAdNetwork which is an API that helps advertisers measure Ad campaigns on iOS while maintaining user privacy.
    This change introduces many challenges for advertisers and mobile attribution companies since the data is delayed, aggregated and there is a limitation on the number of campaigns that an advertiser can run per network.
    Ad networks running campaigns on iOS (like Facebook, TikTok, etc.) need to adjust their APIs to be able to return data that is reported by Apple’s SKAdNetwork. Mobile attribution companies are adding support for it as well (AppsFlyer, Kochava, etc.). We at Rivery are implementing these new changes as they become available to support our clients that need access to this data (including agencies).

  2. Downstream data should have the same schema, with the addition of several fields like attribution_setting.

  3. If you run advertising campaigns (on Facebook for example) you should check if you have existing campaigns with Adsets where SKAdNetwork is enabled. If you do, please follow the instructions here.

The remaining changes so far are related to new reports that mobile attribution companies are adding (AppsFlyer and Kochava that we know of).

If there are new reports or additional changes that are needed please let us know



I’m confused by the statement above, does this mean we will need to set up separate rivers for the different campaign types? Or if we use the use_unified_attribuution_setting, does this handle the problem.

There is more information here.
The way we understand it is if you run both iOS14.5 AND non iOS14.5 campaigns on Facebook then you can’t aggregate metrics for both non-inline (app installs, purchases…) with inline (impressions, clicks…).
so you might need to split into two rivers - one with the non-inline metrics and one for inline metrics.

Very helpful! Great reference for keeping track of the new changes!