CI/CD in Rivery

Is there a way in Rivery to enable a CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployement) framework/process that would enable to move a project from a Development to a Testing and then a Production environment, the entire project or just a sub-set (a few selected artefacts/work items)

Hi @Tarek.Demiati

There are a few options for this in Rivery.

  • Rivery has it’s own versioning here
  • Rivery has the ability for users to create separate Environments, which they can leverage for Dev/Test/Prod type architecture to deploy deployment packages from env to env.
  • You can parameterize Rivery objects with variables, for example to use a DEV target database in Development envrionment, and PROD database in Production.

On the roadmap we plan to integrate directly with CI/CD softwares such as github, gitlab etc.

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