Adding Delays in Snowflake (Handling GSC Quota Issues)

Sometimes you need to run multiple calls to an API that has fairly strict quota issues. An example is Google Search Console.

To get around this quota issue, we implemented a time delay between logic steps leveraging the snowflake

“call system$wait(2, ‘MINUTES’)”

For example we have 3 calls to google search console that normally would fire subsequently, but often we get quota issues on step 2 and 3 which do not appear if we run them manually with a few minutes between. So we add a logic step to snowflake with the sql command to wait for some minutes and it provides a nice way to handle the issue.

We took it 1 step further by adding a parameter to the logic river waitTimeInMinutes so we could put the same delay in multiple parts.

“call system$wait({waitTimeInMinutes}, ‘MINUTES’)”

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Thanks @uofifox ! This is very helpful.