NoneType Error on MultiTable River


I’m running a river From Data source to Target with Multi-Tables Mode and all the tables run successfully but one, with the following error:

#### Error Message
problem to parse columns for Snowflake: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'append'

This is the mapping structure of the table:

Source Column Target Column Type Mode
nameoftraveller nameoftraveller STRING NULLABLE
pickupcity pickupcity STRING NULLABLE
pickuplocation pickuplocation STRING NULLABLE
pickuptime pickuptime TIMESTAMP NULLABLE
programname programname STRING NULLABLE
reason reason STRING NULLABLE
travellerstatus travellerstatus STRING NULLABLE
incidentId_id incidentId_id INTEGER NULLABLE

Thanks in advance for your help,
Rafael Donado

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Hi Rafael.
Thank you for opening the error in our community.
We’ve passed the error to our engineering team to be fixed.

Hi @rafaeldonado the fix has been uploaded. This was an edge case involving calculated expressions in the column mapping.

Thanks for using the Community!


Thanks a lot for your help. I just check it and that part is working perfect.

Quick question, I have a different issue with the same river, can we it on this post or should I start a new one.

Thanks again,
Rafael Donado

@rafaeldonado please start a new thread for the separate issue. Thanks!